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Black’s Law Dictionary defines adoption as the statutory process of termination a child’s legal rights and duties toward the natural parents and substituting similar rights and duties toward adoptive parents. Adoption is essentially the assumption of the rights and duties of a parent by another. Whether a couple decides to take in a child that is unrelated to them, a new spouse of a divorced parent decides to take the child as his/her own as well, or the grandparents of children whose parents can no longer take care of them decide to take care of those grandchildren, adoption provides more than a mere guardianship would. There are legal advantages such as rights of inheritance, but there is also a compelling emotional advantage. Adoption can provide a feeling of acceptance or of being loved in many situations where the child might feel alone, confused, or just uncertain. The assumption of these rights and duties is no small thing and does not dissolve with a divorce, so we would ask that anyone seeking an adoption be sincere in their application.

The most important thing to remember about this section is that adoption provides all of the legal rights and duties that are found in a parent/child relationship to a new party who will henceforth act as the parent.

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