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At John B. Miller & Associates, P.C., we understand that losing a loved one is difficult, and dealing with the estate can be an unpleasant task. That is why we are dedicated to assisting clients with their probate cases.

With a collective 55 years of experience and thousands of cases handled, our goal is to relieve our clients of any stress caused by difficult or complex probate cases.

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Defining Probate


The term probate refers to the legal process that surviving family members take to distribute any money or property a deceased loved one left behind, as well as pay off any outstanding debts left by the decedent. During probate cases, a person is appointed as an executor (when there is a will) or administrator (upon the absence of a will) who then has the responsibility of gathering and distributing the assets. This is known as opening the estate.

Assets Required to Go through Probate


Not all types of assets are distributed based on probate rulings, such as property in revocable trusts or bank accounts with payable on death clauses.

However, the following types of assets must go through the process:

  • The decedent's bank accounts without co-owners or beneficiary designation

  • Individually owned real estate

  • The decedent's stocks and bonds

  • Any tangible possessions


Closing the Estate


During probate cases, the executor or administrator must go to court at least twice—once upon the opening of the estate and another to close the estate. Closure of an estate can only occur once all the decedent's debts to creditors have been paid, the assets have been properly distributed, and all mandatory reports have been filed with the Georgia Probate Court.


How Can John B. Miller & Associates, P.C. Help?


Our attorneys understand that sometimes executor appointments come with confusion, stress, and multiple questions. That is why we are here to assist clients throughout the probate process. Additionally, probate disputes occur where family members disagree about distribution plans or feel as if an executor is cheating them out of their rightful inheritance. Our patient legal team will help settle these disputes and is prepared to handle any necessary litigation.


Contact us by calling (770) 863-8355 or sending a message through our secure online form. We look forward to helping you with your probate case. 

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At John B. Miller & Associates, P.C, we understand the importance of securing experienced, aggressive, and client-focused counsel. We offer legal services for matters involving business law, family law, probate and estate planning, and criminal defense.


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